WE-ACTx for Education

WE-ACT for Education was founded in 2006 as a sub-program of WE-ACTx (an HIV/AIDS treatment organization). To break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda, WE-ACTx for Education provides funding for children from poor communities to go to school: we provide school fees and daily necessities without which education would be nearly impossible; things like school uniforms, notebooks, sanitary pads for teenage girls, and in some case even breakfast.


Financial support for the program comes from individual and community donors in the United States. By pairing communities and individuals with communities of students in Rwanda we aim to create a sustainable way to get and keep children in school. With access to education comes the opportunity to escape poverty, not just for individuals, but for whole communities.


Our model is designed to ensure both strong accountability and low overhead. Over 99% of our program budget goes directly to paying school fees or buying supplies. To learn more about our model and how we ensure accountability see the "How it Works" page.

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