WE-ACTx for Education

WE-ACT for Education works by pairing donors in the United States with communities in Rwanda.


Rather than match donors with individual students, which would create tension between those who receive support and don't within a community and wouldn't account for movement of children and families in and out of communities, we take a broader approach that allows us to have the maximum impact on an entire community. Students we support attend a variety of local schools (not one specific school). Secondary school students often attend boarding schools is typical in Rwanda.


By partnering with existing communities in the United States (faith based groups, schools, and groups of friends, etc.) we reduce the central organizational burden and keep administrative costs low, driving sustainability. At the same time, by relying on communities for donations, rather than individuals we ensure that even if one person falls on hard times, support can continue.


In addition to partnering with US-based communities, we also seek and greatly appreciate donations from individual donors. Like community donors, individual donors are matched with communities in Rwanda.

How it works

Community partnerships

WE-ACT for Education partners with both individual donors and communities of donors in the United States. For more information on our featued community partners, see below:


First Plymouth Church of Denver

A partner since 2006







The Riverside Church Global HIV/AIDS Ministry

A partner since 2011

Featured partners

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