WE-ACTx for Education

Our Model

Community & Commitment

Comprehensive Support

Low Overhead


                 Maintaining full accountability and              

               transparency to our donors is crucial. We  

               do it by:

              - Transfering all school fees directly into the

                 bank accounts of schools

          - Purchasing all school supplies directly and    

       distributing them to students at collective meetings    

     with the country coordinator one a trimester

- Conducting frequent audits and monitoring of the breakfast programs administered by our community partners




Recognizing that our students often need more than just school fees alone, we provide the following:

   - Breakfast for all kids and pregnant mothers in  

     supported communities who need it

         - Assistance with the annual co-pay for government

           health insurance

             - Necessary school supplies, like pens, and

                pencils for all students and  mattresses, soap,                

                and sanitary pads for secondary students in  

                 boarding schools


By partnering directly with existing communities in Rwanda and in the US and by asking for multi-year

commitments from donors, we:

- Reduce the central administrative burden by  

  leveraging existing organizational

  capacity and infrastructure

- Develop sustainable links that are flexible

  and account for the mobility of individuals

- Ensure that once we get kids in school

  we keep them there

We believe that when you commit to sponsoring a child your money should

go to that child, not to overhead. To

keep overhead low, we:

- Expect our partner communities in Rwanda

  to contribute by providing administrative  

  support, labor for the breakfast program, etc.

- Rely fully on volunteer support in the Unites

  States (both centrally and in our partner


- Hire only one part time staff member in Rwanda

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